Test Drive Interactive Web Content With jQuery UI

Rich, dynamic content is the cornerstone of any webpage.  There is an immense range of possibilities for creating a well-presented, interactive site that keeps your visitors engaged, while you present the content you want them to see.  The topic of user experience is the subject of many books and forms the underlying philosophy of web design.  With so many options for presenting different elements, a great way to explore some of these possibilities is to test drive different attributes to see what they can do.

jQuery UI ThemeRoller

ThemeRoller in action

jQuery is an excellent collection of javascript libraries that function to give a wide array of interaction to different elements on a webpage.  There is a specific subsection to jQuery called jQuery UI, whose attributes are dedicated specifically to the user interface (UI).  The jQuery UI website is amazing because you can test drive various attributes and drag boxes around, make menu listings jump up and down, or have elements change size and color at the same time.  If you’re thinking about what kind of color scheme to employ on your site, try ThemeRoller to see how different colors and properties appear on various elements.

By incorporating jQuery UI into your web design, you’ll be able to incorporate some great interactive elements that will keep your site looking fresh and keep your visitors engaged.  After you get started with jQuery UI, check out 25 Tutorials and Resources for Learning jQuery UI from speckyboy for a host of jQuery UI examples.

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