Take Control of Your Hosting Account With cPanel v11.32

No hosting account should go without cPanel.  With cPanel, a variety of administrative tasks are easily taken care of–from creating and maintaining e-mail accounts to keeping track of site analytics.  All of our hosting clients have cPanel account access, and cPanel just got even better.  cPanel version 11.32 features brand new, localized login interfaces for account users around the world, several updates to it’s e-mail services, and a great, new analytics tool.  cPanel now features DKIM for all incoming mail and outgoing mail.  What DKIM does is authenticate that all e-mail is coming from the source that it says it’s coming from, and it also signs your outgoing mail to authenticate that as well, further securing your e-mail and keeping spam at bay.

Version 11.32 also addresses a common issue with earlier versions–when a user account mailbox reached it’s hourly limit, some mail that did not make it into the box would not be received at all.  Now, when a user’s mailbox is full, cPanel will hold mail in queue until the e-mail limit resets again and then deliver the remaining messages.  There are also great new mail delivery reports to keep track of the various users in the account.

Finally, cPanel v11.32 introduces the Logaholic site analytics package, which provides an easy-to-use interface, great analytics reports that cross reference all sorts of metrics, and  even filters out robots and crawlers so you can see how actual humans are moving about your site.  We suggest getting to know your cPanel interface well, so you can achieve greater control over your website, and enjoy the new features that ship with v11.32.

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