Build Your Site With a Content Management System

Websites are now incredibly complex and capable of doing so much, which can reap huge benefits for your business.  The implementation of such complexity and functionality comes at a cost though.  Luckily, developers around the world have built excellent website engines called content management systems (CMS).  So many companies, and individuals alike, are building their websites around content management systems, and there are many reasons why.  Content management systems are easy to work with and allow you to make changes to your site without knowing a great deal about web languages such as HTML and CSS.  Also, several top CMSs are open-source, and thus free of charge to download and use.  For those systems that are widely used such as Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, and Magento, there is a lot of support out there, because so many people are using them and collaborating on their development.  So ultimately, one of the greatest benefits is that implementing a content management system will save you money.

We at Authority Host are big fans of Joomla!, winner of the Packt Publishing 2011 Open Source Awards, but both Joomla! and 1st Runner Up Drupal are free-to-use, open-source CMSs.  Magento is also free to download and use, and they offer a pay service for dedicated support and greater functionality.  To get more information about the nature of content management systems, check out this article by Step Two Designs called So, what is a CMS?.


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